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04 September 2010 @ 10:07 pm

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House: Slytherin
Bloodline: Half-blood.
Summary: Tracey sometimes seems like the anti-Slytherin. She's able to be friends with people of all houses, isn't prejudiced against other people, and believes that people should have equal opportunities for everything - things shouldn't be based on colour of skin or purity of blood. She loves reading and writing, and in the future, becomes a journalist for a small, up-and-coming Wizarding newspaper. She likes lavish living, writing, her friends, shopping, and watching quidditch. She dislikes penny-pinchers, war, subjective people, people who don't bother to see both sides of the situation, and hypocrites, and she is afraid of death and loneliness.
Past Love Interests: Ernie MacMillan (briefly), Theodore Nott. [At tra_cey_davis </lj>/ divinedavis 
Current Mood: creative